IMG_0112Mermaid Heather

Mermaid Heather Gerace is a local surfer who started surfing at the age of 13 and practicing yoga at Zen Garden at the age of 16. Being a gulf coast surfer, she was always looking for more waves than the Gulf of Mexico could produce, so she traveled to the East Coast and West Coast to find the swell. She has gone as far as Barbados Reef and caught many fun waves on the Pacific and Caribbean side of Coasta Rica!

With her passion for surfing she was naturally inspired to teach others to surf.  Due to the consistent lack of waves, she decided to become CPR certified and yoga certified in 2013 in order to teach paddleboard yoga and to help others become more comfortable being on a board.  Mermaid Heather’s classes are designed to build and maintain our strength and stamina so when the surf is up you will be ready.

She then created a land class, Yoga for Surfing.  This class was designed to teach clients how to control their breath and heart rate and to build their upper body and core.  Yoga for Surfing uses the weight of your own body combined with intense yoga poses to really build the lower body.  Pop up training is part of the class and it helps clients to distinguish weather they are a goofy foot surfer or regular foot surfer.

Balancing on the Indo Board gives the clients the opportunity to experience the real feeling of actually surfing. The class ends with visualizing catching the perfect wave while resting in Savasana! Heather also hosts many surf contests so these classes all help with training to become a better surfer!

Stand-Up Paddling