Surf Lessons

998133_4971288319592_919249800_nYou’ll learn everything there is to know about surfing and our Gulf, Mermaid Heather’s experience of over 20 years in the water and surfing guarantee that if you give it 100 percent you WILL be riding the first day! Our Surf Lessons in Panama City Beach include a wide range of class atmospheres and activities. You will leave with a new-found love and understanding of the water that your friends will envy. Everything from Beginner’s First Surf lessons to 5 day Classes!!!!

However it is mandatory to take the Surf Fit Training class first, there you will learn how to pop up on a Surf Set board giving Mermaid Heather an idea of what you are prepared for before getting into the water. Mermaid Heather’s surf lesson will give you the confidence of dropping in on your own and ridding down the line and training you for the May Gnarly Charley Surf Series contest.

Please call for pricing and to schedule your lesson.

We offer paddleboard lessons, surfing lessons, skimboard lessons and bodyboard lessons.

Cost: $100 per person per hour.

We also offer special pricing for our surf club members.  Surf Club members enjoy discounted pricing and priority booking for private events.  For information about joining the Surf Club, please contact us.