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Surf Camp

Ages 6-11 and 12-17

Dates: June 13th-15th, June 27th-29th, July 11th-13th, July 25th-27th, Aug 1st-3rd

$125 per child

Join Mermaid Heather this summer for her 3-Day surf camp. Surf camp breakdown: 3 days, 2 hours each day, in groups of 10, groups will be divided by age (group 1 is 6-11 years old) (group 2 is 12-17yrs old).

Day 1 (8 am – 9 am) Land Day Course

Day one will be a land surfing obstacle course. We limit this day to one hour due to the heat. Water will be provided. As long as a parent or guardian is present, they can all swim in the gulf at the end💦

Day 1 will be located at 625 Dogwood St., Panama City Beach, FL 32407

Day 2 (8 am – 10 am)

On day two we will meet in the bay, near bay point, to learn how to get comfortable with the board. It is best to learn how to paddle, pop up, ride, and how to protect yourself during and after a wipeout in the clear, flat, shallow waters of the bay. Parent interaction on this day is extremely encouraged!! I love to have the parents join so they also learn the tools with the kiddos to help them on their own time and the kids love it 🥰

Day 2 will be located out of the Bay near Bay Point. We will meet at the end of Jan Cooley Road at the dead-end. Drive beyond this address 4114 Jan Cooley Drive, Panama City Beach, FL, 32408 until you dead end at a wood fence and I will be there ready with boards. Please park along the big white wall.

Day 3 (8 am – 10 am)

Day three will be SURF DAY!!!

Again, Parent interaction is highly encouraged, and no skill will be needed. On this day, we will be pitching and catching the kids as they finally surf their own waves! I will have 2 boards in the water with someone in the lineup with me and 2 ppl close to shore to catch and rotate the kids. They will catch 2 waves and hop back in line on the beach, this flows pretty quickly so they do not wait on the beach long, typically, just enough to catch their breath and drink some water when they need it.

Unfortunately, all sales are final but if something happens or comes up your child can always be moved to a different camp or we can replace it with a one-hour personal surf lesson by me, I do what I can to make up for any circumstances. Also if on surf day the waves are too big or are messy conditions we will either switch to a better day or they can hop in on any other camps surf days again no matter what I make sure to do what I can to support your surfer!!

I’m so excited for this upcoming 2023 camp and can’t wait to surf with you all!!